DMCA is pleased to inform you that the images we feature on our website are available on the Internet and are considered as open source to use to represent purposes. The images and content that are available online, are then in the public domain, and therefore influencing people to use them. In addition, we are responsible for our actions, CricAlerts will never in the intention of violating or violate the rights or property of an individual, nor company that is explicitly declared by the same. When you’re the only right owner of any images or other content appearing on our website, and you are able to the case to inform the company about the similar.

We strictly avoid violation of any sort of copy right or right of ownership, if any individual or a firm has any kind of complains of using their owned or copy righted material that is unauthorized to do so and or comes without suitable credits can send us a written complaint/ notice/ request to withdraw the image/ content or others (Please specify) On [email protected]

The notice or complaint that is forwardedor request must include:

  • Name and other information of the complainant, and an acknowledgement document that identifies the party of being the SOLE owner of the image, the content, or any other in the matter.
  • The exact location on the site that the person who was harmed first came across the material, as well as an image proof or the URL address to the page.
  • Particulars about the image, text or any other.
  • A declaration made at, of being the legitimate proprietor of work utilized in a way that is not appropriate for the company (which could be used against the company if the complaint is false, defamatory or false or defamatory to this company.)
  • In the event that you’re the Second Party writing to us on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder, be sure you attach a note of authority along with the physically or Electronically executed Declaration of you as the First Party or the Original Copy Right holder.

If any of the above data aren’t properly or correctly filled out and submitted for review by, in minor instances, the request might not be considered. In certain instances, it may lead to a lawsuit being brought by the business against the person or business that attempts to create a false frame for in a baseless situation.

It is important to note that once a legitimate and verified complaint, notice or demand is made by us, it is returned to the harmed the party by the form of a letter (on the email address that was used to send the complaintor notice/ inquiry) acknowledging the matter with the requested period in which the issue is promptly addressed.

With all of these details and clauses as a vital element of the founding policy of the company. never ever intentionally have any rights over any property owned by any other party the SUPERNET Media LLC or its Associates