About us

What are we?

Cric Alerts is an all-in-one hub that provides all cricket news at your at-hand-point with the goal of be the first to deliver the latest news.CricAlerts.com is backed and Powered by Supernet Media

Digital media is a medium that young people who are passionate about it have contributed to making it famous. Our goal is to bring you the latest news without any hint of artificiality.

We are delighted to introduce CA since our mission is to keep valued readers informed about the latest happenings around the globe of cricket.

What date was it when it was launched?

In the context of cricket being the most popular sport in India because of the huge fan base, Cric Alerts was launched in February 2022

At present, CricAlerts.com is a home to millions of users basing on monthly view.

It will eventually provide you with a daily supply of reports on matches, news and analysis, statistics views, and a wealth of information that are from cricket.

Living the life of your dreams!

CricAlerts.com is a company that believes in creating something new and ultimately addressing the needs of the diverse customers in the market.

What do we really believe in?

The clarity of the information is the main goal of our team and the objectiveness of our content is to be devoid of any kind of bias.

It’s also an opportunity for journalists who are interested in pursuing the field of sports journalism and show their talents.

As the CA closes in on its debut year, we’re looking at achieving what we believe is the spirit of gentlemen’s cricket through a culture written in a fair manner.

Why do we even exist?

The aim is to make top quality since we have been on a thrilling journey as we have worked with such honesty and professionalism.

To ensure the highest quality outcomes and also to continue our success, we work together to enhance the experience by feeding the data to our huge public.